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Following an 8 million euro grant from the German government, Eisbach Bio has now also received a 6.7 million euro grant from the Bavarian government to develop a drug against COVID-19. We are extremely proud that a drug from Bavaria is expected to be on the market in 2023. And SciRhom also announced today an increase in seed funding to 16 million euros.

And who would have thought that the vegan AMSilk silk would soon be used in aircraft construction or as an ecological pesticide? We interviewed Ulrich Scherbel, CEO of AMSilk, about the current business development.

Concerning integration of eHealth in oncology therapy management and new RNA transport systems we were able to record the lectures of Prof. Nadia Harbeck and Prof. Oliva Merkel for you in their entirety during the ZBrunch.

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Your Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel
Managing Director IZB

Seed funding increased to 16 million euros

With this, the start-up brings its drug candidates for rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease into the clinic
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Dr. Jens Ruhe, Geschäftsführer SciRhom

 Silikon-Brustimplantate mit den Seiden-Biopolymeren von AMSilk AMSilk-Video:
Vegan silk for industrial production
Interview with Ulrich Scherbel, Managing Director AMSilk GmbH
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Eisbach Bio:
6.7 million euros in funding

Bavarian state government supports the development of a COVID-19 drug
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Die richtigen Tools treiben die Stammzell-Forschung voran

 „Karamell-Rezeptor“ gefunden

Leibniz Institute:
Caramel receptor found

Better understanding of the molecular coding of food flavors
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Stem cell research

with new tools

PELOBiotech launches a revolutionary, truly chemically defined medium.

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Die richtigen Tools treiben die Stammzell-Forschung voran

 „Karamell-Rezeptor“ gefunden

Prof. Nadia Harbeck and Dr. Jens Ruhe

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Exosome Diagnostics: 

From idea to exit

Mikkel Noerholm built up the diagnostic company at the IZB and accompanied its sale to Bio-Techne

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Mikkel Noerholm PhD Vice President Exosome Diagnostics

 „Karamell-Rezeptor“ gefunden

Drug candidate for neurodegenerative diseases

Cooperation with Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd in Tel Aviv 
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Sterna Biologicals: 
Innovative Phase II-A study design in Asthma
Antisense treatment is combined with digital therapy 
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Die richtigen Tools treiben die Stammzell-Forschung voran


 „Karamell-Rezeptor“ gefunden

MPI Neurobiologie: 
Abstract learning

New study: in which brain region is acquired knowledge stored?

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LMU Pharmazie: 
Prof. Olivia Merkel
Development of new RNA Transport systems
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Die richtigen Tools treiben die Stammzell-Forschung voran

Prof. Nadia Harbeck, Leiterin Brustzentrum der LMU

Breast center of the LMU 
Prof. Dr. Nadia Harbeck
Integration of eHealth in oncology therapy management
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IZB Anniverary
25 years in the service of IZB

Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel, Managing Director of the IZB, celebrated on November, 2 2021 his
25-anniversary at the IZB. 
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Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel, GF IZB


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