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What´s up at IZB 

Dear Mister/Miss Titel ,

We hope you had a healthy start into the new year 2022. Already in January there are interesting news about new deals and collaborations at IZB. We also warmly welcome our new start-up SCG Cell Therapy to the IZB.

Enjoy reading the IZB newsletter.

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Your Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel
Managing Director IZB

Car door pulls from biosteel fiber for Mercedes Benz

The use of biotechnology-based fabric marks a first in the automotive sector. More info...

Euro 13.5 million from the Bruker Corporation
This will enable the start-up to accelerate the research, development and commerciazilation of proteomics technologies
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SCG Cell Therapy:
New biotech start-up at the IZB

The Innovation and Start-Up Center is thus home for a new company conducting research in the field of immunotherapy
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The biotech valley in Munich is booming

Over Euro 163 Mio. in funding and deal flow highlights the strong interest of the investors.
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IZB in media: 
Interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung and Dr. Peter Zobel

"Limits to growth. No"
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 „Karamell-Rezeptor“ gefunden

MPI : 
New Institute for biological intelligence

Instituts for Neurobiology and Ornithology will merge More info ...

LMU Clinic: 
lebensmut e.V.
The association helps patients with cancer and their families: TV Format launched in the IZB´s Faculty Club

On the IZB Website you can find the interview in full length

More info ...


The BOWL Food Lounge

On Dez 1, 2021 the new restaurant  opended with new interieur and modern design at the IZB More info ...


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