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Dear Mister/Miss Titel ,

In recent months, we have reported on many new start-ups that we have been able to welcome to the IZB. Unfortunately, one company always has to leave us in return. At the end of March 2023, adivo GmbH has moved out of the IZB. However, we warmly congratulate the management for having to triple their space after only 5 years in order to continue their expansion. At the same time they started their first clinical trial. This brings adivo ever closer to their goal of developing cancer drugs for dogs and cats. The company is pushing into a billion-dollar market. A real ray of hope for all dog and cat lovers on this earth. 

IZB also welcomed new management members at each of HTCR, INCYTON and Insempra. Glad you are now, or again, part of our network.  

The Biotech Press Lounge at the IZB was again a very successful event in spring with more than 80 guests and many journalists. Dr. Daniel Reichert, LMU physician/Harvard Medical School presented the first atlas for human heart cells. Unbelievable how little was known about the heart until now. Dr. Nägler from Wellington Partners gave us a preview of therapies in 2043. Heimo Adamski from 4GENE presented his glycosylation: for example, this technology will produce a badge that starts to smell like smoke before a machine starts to burn. Never heard of it? Take a look at our press release. 

Enjoy reading the many news from the IZB.

With best regards


Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel
Managing Director IZB

IZB News

THE001 instantly releases the drug into the blood vessels of the heated tumor, resulting in up to 15-fold increased tumor drug concentration compared to infusion of standard drug.


Thermosome’s Lead Program THE001 receives regulatory approval for first-in-human trial

The novel compound will be tested in patients with soft tissue sarcoma.
16th Biotech PressLoung – Heimo Adamski, Dr. Karl Nägler, Anouschka Horn, Dr. Daniel Reichart and Dr. Peter Hanns-Zobel (l. to r.)

Event video

New atlas for heart cells revolutionizes heart disease therapy

Dr. Nägler of Wellington Partners, Dr. Reichart of LMU Klinikum/Harvard Medical School and Heimo Adamski of 4GENE presented the drug therapies of the future or cast a glance at future key technology.
Dr. Lin Römer, Chief Operating Officer of Insempra


Insempra names Dr. Lin Römer as COO

The industry expert will drive operational excellence and the company’s growth strategy.
Pepe – a good-natured 11-year-old Labrador – became the first participant in adivo’s study at the University of Bologna.

adivo GmbH:

adivo expands into new headquarters as first clinical study begins

adivo revolutionizes the therapy option for dogs and cats. The innovative start-up has moved out of the IZB after five years and tripled its office and laboratory space. At the same time, adivo launches its first clinical trial.
Dr. Peter Amersdorfer, CEO


HTCR welcomes Dr. Peter Amersdorfer as new managing director

"Our goal is to optimize the life-cycle management of drugs and diagnostics used to treat life-threatening diseases."
German Biotech Days in Wiesbaden

Video: IZB on the Biotechnology Days en

Industry meeting in Wiesbaden

Pure networking: IZB start-ups adivo and mk2 Biotechnologies eloquently presented their research at the industry get-together. Biotech, pharma and VCs deepened the conversations. Among others, Dr. Karl Nägler from Wellington Partners met the start-up Seamless, which he got to know at the Pitch Day at IZB in 2022. In March 2023, the investment in the company was disclosed.

Axel Haschkamp, Managing Director INCYTON GmbH


Axel Haschkamp is the new Managing Director at INCYTON

"IZB Munich is a great location for biotech startups due to its infrastructure, support programs and international environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. It also offers excellent facilities to support the success of startups."
Viruses can migrate through the nose into the brain, producing damage to the CNS


The start-up will develop therapies for CNS diseases with a new partner

Secarna and SciNeuro Pharmaceuticals will use their expertise to generate antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) therapies focused on targets that are critical to the Central Nervous System.


The ground-breaking ceremony of the New Hanauer


Construction of the “New Hauner” at the Grosshadern Campus has started

The LMU’s state-of-the-art University Hospital for Paediatric and Youth Medicine will replace Dr von Hauner Children’s Hospital at the end of the decade.
Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence have assembled data on gene expression in the zebrafish brain in an interactive online atlas


The zebrafish brain as a map

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence have assembled data on gene expression in the zebrafish brain in an interactive online atlas.
Analysis and test result of DNA on modern virtual interface

MPI Trainings Event:

For project managers and biological safety officers

Training Events in Accordance with § 28 GenTSV to Obtain Expertise for Project Leaders and Biosafety Officers (Basic Course and Refresher Course)


Video ansehen


April 27, 2023

Science meets Science in Martinsried

Look forward to the speakers:  Prof. Dr. Karl Duderstadt, MPI for Biochemistry and Dr. Alejandra Mork, CEO Klifo GmbH.

Life Science Pitch Day on July 13, 2023

Thanks to our partners HTGF, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim and MEDICE

Apply till June 25, 2023 

Present your technology to over 30 leading life science investors and decision makers in pharma and VC companies.



Vivoryon Therapeutics

Vivoryon Therapeutics:

Update on clinical studies of the lead candidate against Alzheimer's disease

The two Phase 2 clinical trials with varoglutamstat, a small molecule drug, are progressing steadily.
MorphoSys AG, Martinsried


MorphoSys stops proprietary pre-clinical research programs 

The company will focus its resources on the more mature oncology pipeline.
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