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We are pleased to send you our latest IZB newsletter with our new image film. And of course there is lots of news from our start-ups. We have also produced a very informative new video about CatalYm. Don't miss it!

As part of BIO-Europe, we had the opportunity to present the IZB to over 90 international guests. A great success. The Peutinger Collegium also visited us and was impressed by the innovative strength of the location. 

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Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel
Managing Director IZB

IZB News

Christmas Greetings from the IZB


Christmas Greetings

We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful festive season and a happy und successful 2024.
New image film of the IZB


New image film of the IZB

The innovation and start-up center for biotechnology in Planegg-Martinsried and Freising-Weihenstephan has developed into a leading biotechnology center. 40 biotech companies and five life science companies with over 700 employees are currently located on 26,000 square meters
Dr. Moritz Völker-Albert, CEO of the newly founded MoleQlar Analytics GmbH (formerly EpiQMAx)


MoleQlar receives seed funding from Rheingau Founders and acquires Munich-based epigenetics specialist EpiQMAx
NOVEMBER 9, 2023

One of the leading companies for longevity nutritional supplements and health tests, combines high technical expertise with forward-looking approaches to keep pace with rapid progress.
IZB Start-up CatalYM Video engl. – new class of anti-cancer immunotherapy


Neutralizing GDF-15: Development of a new class of anti-cancer immunotherapy

CatalYm combines “good old fashioned efficacious” antibody technology with novel biology.
Graphical display of an IgG-antibody, which is the basic antibody type of SciRhom’s iRhom2 antibodies


SciRhom submits clinical trial application for first-in-human trials with lead candidate SR-878

The company’s lead candidate is an antibody designed to target a master switch for various autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


Presentation of IZB’s innovation powerhouse in the context of BIO-Europe 2023

BIO-Europe 2023:

Presentation of IZB’s innovation powerhouse in the context of BIO-Europe 2023

Participants experienced the impressive density of research institutions and companies at this Munich life science hub.
Video: GoingPublic celebrates a quarter century of biotech


GoingPublic celebrates a quarter century of biotech

At the Finance Day marking the anniversary, over 100 experts met at the IZB for exciting presentations, lively discussions and birthday cake for all.
Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel, Geschäftsführer IZB; Dr. Patrick Großmann, Geschäftsführer Invitris GmbH; Belinda Fritsche, Leiterin Geschäftsstelle Peutinger Collegium e.V.; Susanne Simon, Head of Public Relations IZB; Tilman Röder, Präsidiumsmitglied des Peutinger-Collegium e.V., Dr. Andreas Bachmeier, Präsident des Peutinger-Collegium e.V.

Peutinger Collegium:

Renowned Peutinger-Collegium visits the IZB

The evening event focused on the achievements of the IZB and the issue of antibiotic resistance.
Dr. Andrea Schmidts, TUM and Dr. Patrick Großmann, CEO Invitris

IZBrunch Nov 2023:

Dr. Andrea Schmidts, TUM and Dr. Patrick Großmann, CEO Invitris

The successful scientists presented new approaches to combat resistance to CAR-T cell therapy and the power of cell-free synthesis


Susanne Simon, Leitung Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit


Susanne Simon leaves the IZB

She will join the ICPO Foundation as Head of Communications and Community of the ICPO Foundation (www.icpo.foundation) on 01.12.23.

"It has been an exciting 11 years at the IZB. Thank you very much for the wonderful collaboration," says Simon about her time at the IZB. Stay connected!
Fördergesellschaft IZB mbH


Marion Köhler
Head of Public Relation
Phone: 089/55 279 48-17
Mail: koehler@izb-online.de

Location Martinsried:

Fördergesellschaft IZB mbH
Am Klopferspitz 19
82152 Planegg/Martinsried

Location Weihenstephan:

Fördergesellschaft IZB mbH
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85354 Freising/Weihenstephan

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